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Why Your “Clean Diet” Will Fail

Why Your “Clean Diet” Will Fail

You gotta eat clean if you want to lose weight! No hitting the fast food joints… no ice cream or sweets or potato chips either! If it tastes good you better not eat it right? Cut it all out… it’s all or nothing, that’s the way to succeed! But is it?


“Clean eating” – eating only food that has been washed right?


When people reference a “clean diet” or “clean food” they are usually speaking of stereotypically healthy choices like fruits, vegetables, whole grains and organic choices… there is value in eating foods like fruits and vegetable as the vitamins, minerals and fiber, there’s no denying these are great for overall health. However, if we are speaking strictly of weight loss, a clean diet is not essential and focusing on only “clean” or healthy foods can make adherence to your diet more difficult.


Is long term deprivation really the path to success?


Most conventional diets have long lists of foods you can’t eat… foods you must avoid at all costs. But if these are foods you love then how can you expect this diet to last long term? I mean isn’t that what causes the most frustration with diets in the first place? Even if you make it to your goal then what? You start eating those foods again and gain the weight right back because you didn’t teach yourself to manage intake on the everyday food you love.


Does this sound familiar? Maybe the real key to a successful diet is to allow some of the food you enjoy most.


Your solution may very well be a flexible diet protocol. Flexible dieting is a very popular strategy that allows you the food you love within a given set of parameters. It teaches you self control and how to manage the foods you love and make them work within your goals.


The flexible dieting protocols that I prescribe to clients work off of just a couple guidelines to follow:

  1. Hit your daily calorie limit.
  1. Hit your protein and dietary fiber limits (usually about 1g of protein per pound of body weight and 30-40g of fiber)
  1. Fill out the rest of your calories however you feel.
  1. Don’t sacrifice rule number 1 (overall calorie intake) to meet one of the other guidelines


There are some people that will benefit from further tweaking of carb and fat percentages but these are the general rules to follow for a successful flexible diet… and let me tell you from personal experience, eating ice cream every night while on a diet is quite satisfying!


If I can do it so can you!




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