Friday 24th February 2017,
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Why You SHOULD Skip Leg Day!

Why You SHOULD Skip Leg Day!

If you’ve been going to the gym for any period of time now it is likely you’ve heard jokes about people who skip leg day. Maybe it went something like this:


“Friends don’t let friends skip leg day”


There is a cute little trend lately of shaming people for not conforming to societal standards; and the gym is no exception it seems. Well I’ve got your back and I say…


It’s OK to skip leg day!


It’s OK if you don’t squat!


It’s OK if all you want to do is bench press and do biceps curls!


If “shaming” people is bad in one form it should be bad in all forms right? So why is it not acceptable tell some one they are fat, but perfectly fine to tell them their legs are too small?!


People need to STOP being so judgmental!


Who is anyone else to tell you what you should be doing while spending your free time in the gym. If bench pressing makes you feel good, then do it! If you want huge biceps then by all means; do some curls! If you want a balanced physique then yes, you should be performing movements that will benefit all muscle groups but that is for YOU to decide.


Be your own person… make your own decisions… don’t succumb to the pressure of societal (or gym) standards!


Maybe squatting and leg movements are uncomfortable, or painful, or just boring… I don’t care what your reasoning is… if you really don’t want to do it then you shouldn’t.


Life is too short to spend your free time doing things you don’t enjoy or that don’t lead to your overall goals.  If you do want huge legs and want to know how to build muscle go here.



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  1. jose March 4, 2016 at 5:54 pm

    YOU DECIDE of course but chicken legs are
    really anti esthetic.

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