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The Weight Loss Secret They Won’t Tell You

The Weight Loss Secret They Won’t Tell You

Losing weight is simple, it isn’t easy but it is simple.


I get so frustrated with all the ads for gimmicks and tools and diets and fads that tell you they have a magical weight loss secret. Do you want to know the secret? Because I know what it is… Losing weight comes down to adherence.


You need to find a diet that works for you, and stick with it… that’s the big WEIGHT LOSS SECRET!!!


Not much of a secret is it?!


Which diet you choose is really up to you. I have my personal preferences, but in the end every diet comes down to eating less calories than you are burning, so they can all work providing you stick with it.


How do I know this is the case? It’s simple to prove… go look up any diet. Any of them. Of the people who swear to have followed the diet there are people who have succeeded and people who have failed. How can this be? It’s true we are all different but we’re not THAT different, biologically speaking we’re actually all pretty similar.


The only logical reason for people succeeding and failing on the same diet is adherence… and thus ensuring they did not overeat. Regardless of food choice, if you eat too much you will gain weight.


You should feel liberated!


Now you know that you have control. I know “they” like to make you feel like you need their product but you don’t. You only need to take control of your own daily actions.


There are other aspects to a diet that can also assist with weight loss or increased health, but overall intake is the number 1 priority… so as long as you adhere to that you should see results.



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