Friday 24th February 2017,
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The Key to Success: Never Fail

The Key to Success: Never Fail

I get the frustration so many people feel with dieting because I feel it with business. It’s really hard for me to admit because I am (we are) hard wired to not show weakness; we never let others know that we are struggling. At least in the fitness industry, that’s the way.  The key to success is Photoshop and stage everything. “Fake it until you make it.”


But you know what I do know? Diet and training. I know exactly what to do and why they work and what type of sacrifice is required. The certainty that I feel with my diet and training has to translate if I’m going to be successful in anything. I am working on convincing myself that as long as I work hard and learn from my failures, I will get to my destination. I will be successful.



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