Friday 24th February 2017,
Revolt Workout



Hey look, a “stuff for sale” page, check out this stuff I like, you might too…


Revolt DVDs


What is your overall fitness goal?
Which is more important to you?
How many days per week are you able to commit to work out?
Do you have an area of focus? (not avail. for 3-day split)

The first ever customized home workout DVD program.  Program is fully tailoerd to your goals to achieve maximum results.  Yet still less expensive than the industry leaders… don’t ask my why, I guess I’m just a nice guy :)

  • Your workout regimen will focus on the areas most important to you. You will also have the ability to focus on muscle size or definition
  • Your diet guide will be designed to achieve the results you desire
  • Your plan is flexible enough that you can make it work with your busy schedule (as opposed to having to work your schedule around your workouts)

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Barbell Plate – SOLD OUT!


$9.99 (plus $5 shipping/handling)

It’s a dinner plate that looks like a weight plate!  Brilliant right?  I find it’s a great way to keep myself focused and committed to my diet… no better way to keep yourself focused on the gains then by eating off this sucka!

Buy 2 Plates Get 2 FREE – PLUS FREE SHIPPING!!! (Link Below)

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Online Training/Coaching


I’m very specific about who I take on.  If you’re interested please contact me here and we’ll chat.



Coming Very Soon!