Friday 24th February 2017,
Revolt Workout

About Me

family in FL 2012

My name is Mason Zuleger, I am the creator of the Revolt Workout.  I am a certified personal trainer and gym rat.  I created this page as an outlet for my creative and intellectual ideas when it comes to fitness/training/diet.  I have a differnet way of thinking than many “gurus” in the fitness industry and frankly am sick of the things I see… so I give you this page.  I am not always right, and most topics are not black and white or right and wrong… but I will do my best to present information in an honest manor at all times.  That you can count on.


Oh, on a personal level… I’m a father and husband to 2 beautiful females.  I was a touring musician in a punk rock band in my early 20’s (oh the stories I could tell).  I enjoy football… xbox… and disc golf.


Thanks for reading if you’ve made it this far!